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Palma de Mallorca

Mediterranean, cosmopolitan atmosphere

Few cities are able to bring the deepest tradition together with modernity and the most recent trends, and Palma the Mallorca is one of them. Historical buildings stand next to the most exclusive shops and very chic bars and restaurants where you will discover the Mediterranean atmosphere that makes Palma a unique city in the world.

An extraordinary building

The Cathedral of Palma is undoubtedly one of the most impressive buildings in the world, thanks to its details, its location and impressive architecture.

Bellver Castle
History in its purest state

The walls of the castle, one of the only circular ones in Europe, have witnessed some of the most important historical events on the island.

Paseo del Born
No rush, enjoy

In the area surrounding Paseo del Borne, time stops and afternoons are enjoyed with a drink in any of their terrazas, slowly but surely.

All kinds of shops

Take a walk in downtown Palma and discover all kinds of shops, from the most exclusive boutiques to very traditional businesses.

Palma town hall

The Town Hall is in Cort square; right downtown, a place where people from Mallorca often like to take a walk.

Old town
Spots with a history

Walking around the Old Town you will find buildings and alleys in which to discover the city step by step.

Feel the breeze

Follow the coastline along the edge of the Palma bay, on foot or on a bike, accompanied by the Mediterranean breeze and a beautiful view of the sea.

La Lonja
A unique atmosphere

Around this historical building you will find the best nightlife in the city, where nights and good company are never-ending.

Es Baluard
Contemporary Art Museum

Pay a visit to Es Baluard so you can see some of the best contemporary works of art and discover the best preserved remains of the old city wall in Palma.

Playa de Palma
Very near the city

If you want to go for a refreshing swim, the impressive beach area in Palma is only a few minutes away.

Bicycle touring
Mountain and road routes

More and more people admit to being bicycle-touring lovers in Mallorca, because of the landscapes, climate and well kept routes.

A golfing afternoon

If you want to play golf, you just need to choose one of the courses near the city of Palma and get ready to enjoy.

Water sports
Guaranteed fun

Don’t hesitate to test your abilities and dare to try water sports such as windsurfing, kayak sailing, kitesurfing or flyboarding.

Guided tours
History, culture and leisure

Both day and night guided tours are available in downtown Palma so you can find out the secrets, history and culture the city has to offer.

Horse riding
A plan both fun and original

If you want to enjoy a fun and unique experience with your friends or family, the best idea may be to go horse riding in the outskirts of Palma.

Explore the Serra de Tramuntana

Discover the most spectacular landscapes on the island following one of the hiking routes into the Serra de Tramuntana.

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